CWAG Aug. 3 Prescott Council Candidate Forum

What are Prescott’s most important water issues? Are City Council candidates prepared to set water management policy? Hear what City Council hopefuls have to say at the 15th annual Candidate [...]

GIS- The Intelligent Nervous System

ESRI, the leading GIS software provider in the world, provides users with desktop software, online platforms, customizable applications and more. Last week ESRI put on the 39th Annual User [...]

WaterSmart Strategies for Living in Arizona’s Central Highlands

What can you do to use water efficiently in Prescott and central Yavapai County? Leslie Graser, Water Resource Manager for the City of Prescott, will provide conservation tips and information [...]

Native plants and Rainwater Harvesting: Save Money, Conserve Water, Beautify Your Yard

Nearly 30% of Prescott’s annual groundwater pumping is used for residential landscapes, a significant draw on declining aquifers that can be greatly reduced by using drought-tolerant plants and [...]

Viva La Verde Film Screening

Viva la Verde is a conservation film about the Verde River in Arizona. The Verde is one of the last free flowing desert rivers that survives in Arizona and it might be saved by a few productive [...]