One For the Verde Announces 2018 Grantees

One for the Verde is pleased to announce its annual grant awardees for 2018, totaling $13,500 in funding for regional conservation, recreation, and educational projects that benefit the Verde [...]

Water Stewardship Program, Verde Natural Resource Conservation District

One for the Verde awarded the Education Center of the Verde NRCD $2,700 to fund the Water Stewardship Program (grades 5th-8th), which educates youth about the importance of wise management of [...]

Kiosk for the Jail Trail, City of Cottonwood

In May 2014, $500 was awarded towards construction of this information kiosk in Old Town Cottonwood. Our selection board chose this project because it fit our mission and formed an alliance with [...]

Verde River Ambassadors, Town of Clarkdale

$5,000 was awarded in October 2015 to support the Verde River @ Clarkdale’s Ambassador Program. The purpose of the Ambassador program is to provide public education and to protect resources while [...]

Water Sampling Week, Oak Creek Watershed Council

Water Sampling Week, hosted by the Oak Creek Watershed Council and the University of Arizona Water Quality Extension will educate hundreds of local students about the importance of water quality [...]

Verde Rules, A Signage Program, Town of Camp Verde

Residents whose properties adjoin the river suffer a litany of problems from trespass, to dumping, to off-road vehicle traffic. Those residents, as well as public land managers, whose properties [...]

Safety Boater Training, Verde River Valley Nature Organization

$3,000 was awarded in May 2016 to fund workshops in safe river recreation through April 2017. These workshops include instruction in river safety and “on river” training.

Phase II of the Jail Trail, AZ State Parks

The Jail Trail is a greenway loop trail linking Old Town Cottonwood to the Verde River and its unique Fremont Cottonwood/Goodding Willow gallery forest. The trail has the potential to be a [...]

Vets for the Verde, Vetraplex Adopt-a-Vet

Each season, October through February, VWRC partners team up with us to train and employ otherwise unemployed Veterans to manage invasive species within the Verde River and Oak Creek watersheds. [...]

Verde Watershed Ambassador Program, Oak Creek Watershed Council

The Verde Watershed Ambassador Program demonstrates a broad approach of Best Management Practices for watershed visitors, residents and property owners to help them understand how to reduce E. [...]

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