GIS- The Intelligent Nervous System

ESRI, the leading GIS software provider in the world, provides users with desktop software, online platforms, customizable applications and more. Last week ESRI put on the 39th Annual User [...]

Water Related Outdoor Recreation Adds 3 Billion to Economy in Yavapai and Coconino Counties, New Report Says

In a new study on the economic impact of water related outdoor recreation released by Audubon Arizona this week, 545,000 Arizona residents participating in water related outdoor recreation in [...]

Verde River hits Historic Highs

If you spend any time on the Verde River you quickly here the stories about the 1993 and 2004 floods. In 2004 at its high, the flow gauge in Camp Verde hit 50,000 cfs, cubic feet per second. The [...]

Lower Verde Adventures 2018

by Ben Kowalewski, Habitat Restoration Coordinator Part One The morning started off like most others; wanting to stay in bed for five more minutes but knowing it was time to get up, coffee, [...]

Fossil Creek Blackberry Treatment

Last week, our vegetation monitoring crew, in partnership with the National Forest Service, was able to hike into Fossil Creek and take the first step in treating the Himalayan Blackberry [...]

Restoring the Verde River: A story about second chances – Part 3

JAMIE NIELSEN December 12, 2017 New conservation challenges, new take on restoration The Verde River continues to flow through the valley today, over land and underground, supporting agriculture, [...]

Restoring the Verde River: A story about second chances – Part 2

JAMIE NIELSEN December 12, 2017 The Verde River: Heart and soul of the Verde Valley A ribbon of cottonwood, willow and sycamore trees delineate the river and its tributaries, winding through the [...]

Restoring the Verde River: A story about second chances – Part 1

JAMIE NIELSEN December 12, 2017 Waxy, wrinkly, smelly trench foot. Lightning. Hemotoxins and neurotoxins, rattlesnake and spider bites. Kevin Kennedy, Logistics Technician with Arizona [...]

Policy Options for Water Management in the Verde Valley

Central Arizona’s Verde River is a natural resource that is critical to the regional economy, environmental sustainability, and quality of life. The river’s future is uncertain, however, as there [...]

Effects of Past and Future Groundwater Development Fact Sheet

Communities in Central Arizona’s Verde Valley must manage limited water supplies in the face of rapidly growing populations. Developing groundwater resources to meet human needs has raised [...]

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