Yellow-billed Cuckoo Survey Training

By Elaine Nichols, Habitat Restoration Coordinator. Thursday afternoon Tracy and I hit the road headed to Patagonia in southeast Arizona for another survey training. Having only been south of [...]

GIS- The Intelligent Nervous System

ESRI, the leading GIS software provider in the world, provides users with desktop software, online platforms, customizable applications and more. Last week ESRI put on the 39th Annual User [...]

Willow Flycatcher Survey Training

The southwestern willow flycatcher is a small perching bird that was federally listed as an endangered species in 1995. These birds breed in densely vegetated riparian areas mostly in Arizona, [...]

A Successful 2019 Birding Festival – A Big Thanks!

Each year hundreds of birders descend on Dead Horse Ranch State Park for the Verde Valley Birding and Nature Festival. They come from all over the country to spend time along the Verde River, [...]

Water Related Outdoor Recreation Adds 3 Billion to Economy in Yavapai and Coconino Counties, New Report Says

In a new study on the economic impact of water related outdoor recreation released by Audubon Arizona this week, 545,000 Arizona residents participating in water related outdoor recreation in [...]

Lower Verde Adventures Part III

“Fountain Grass!” Ben yells the name of the plant species we are hunting, and swiftly darts to the side of the river in his blue ducky.  The rest of the crew, not far behind, scrambles to find a [...]

Verde River hits Historic Highs

If you spend any time on the Verde River you quickly here the stories about the 1993 and 2004 floods. In 2004 at its high, the flow gauge in Camp Verde hit 50,000 cfs, cubic feet per second. The [...]

Meet the 2018-2019 Crews

Our restoration crews come from Vets4Hire and AZ Conservation Corp. They are the boots on the ground people doing the habitat restoration projects focusing on the removal of invasive plant [...]

Lower Verde Adventures 2018 Part II

by Ben Kowalewski, Habitat Restoration Coordinator The Verde Watershed Restoration Coalition (commonly referred to as VWRC – pronounced “vee-work”) is a collaborative effort uniting private [...]

How can Yuma teach us something about the Verde?

Our Habitat Restoration Manager, Matt Wilson and Field Supervisor, Elaine Nichols attended the Riparian Restoration and Tamarisk Beetle Workshop presented by RiversEdge West in Yuma in late [...]

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