The face of the river…was not a book to be read once and thrown aside, for it had a new story to tell every day.

Mark Twain

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Use At Your Own Risk

The paddle guides are provided for information only. Conditions on different stretches of river can vary greatly in relation to temperature, weather, water level, trees/vegetation/overgrowth, and other factors. All persons intending to recreate on the river are responsible for personally assessing these conditions, as well as their own ability to cope with them. Please be aware that all recreational use of the river involves a degree of risk. All persons engaging in this activity assume the risk associated therewith.

Be Aware

The following guides will show you River Access Points along the Verde River Greenway between the Lower TAPCO RAP in Clarkdale and Beasley Flat RAP below Camp Verde.

The information in the guides is used entirely at the reader’s discretion and is made available on the expressed condition that no liability, expressed or implied, is accepted by Friends of the Verde River or any of its associates, employees, directors, or agents for the accuracy, content or use thereof.


Different stretches of river have different flow conditions, obstacles and hazards that can change on a daily basis, so you will want to check flow levels before beginning your trip. River conditions quickly change so be aware of the weather and your surroundings. Safe paddling.

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