There are two big events in birding this weekend: the first-ever Global Birding Weekend and an eBird Big Day! Scientists use data submitted during these big-birding events to track bird populations, make recommendations for habitat management, learn about migration patterns, and more. Events like these capture a moment in time, serving as a snapshot of what’s happening in the bird world. This data is invaluable – scientists depend on citizen science observations to make the best decisions for birds, especially in the modern context of climate change, habitat loss, and other challenges for wildlife.

Register for eBird and make an account today to participate in this weekend’s activities. eBird and Global Birding Weekend are hoping to make this Saturday the most-birded day on record – will you submit a birding checklist on eBird to help out? Global Birding Weekend hopes to see over 25,000 checklists submitted over October 17 and 18, 2020. This is a unique opportunity to submit data to a major historical event! All you have to do to participate is go birding and submit your data via eBird.

If you submit an eBird checklist from anywhere within the Verde Watershed this weekend, make sure to share your eBird checklists with Friends of the Verde River. It’s easy, our username is “Friends of the Verde River”! 

If you’d rather not make an eBird account, but still wish to participate, you can email us your species lists (please include a time stamp and location, ideally in GPS coordinates), and we will upload your list to the Friends of the Verde River eBird profile. Please send any questions you might have about eBird to Maya, one of Friends’ resident bird nerds.

Happy birding! We can’t wait to learn about what you saw and heard in the Verde Watershed this weekend!

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