by Jeni O’Callaghan

November 16, 2020

Noel lived and breathed art.  As her daughter, I remember her always having something on the drawing board.  Conversely if she got bored (I believe she would be diagnosed with ADD today) she would turn to nature and likely draw it.  In my opinion she shined the best with pen and paper.  

As I grew up, she not only raised two kids, and was partner to Clive, she volunteered at the Phoenix Zoo, where she was resident artist there in the 1960’s; volunteered with the Phoenix Symphony, plus she did activities with my grandparents, planned parties and trips to the lake, river or mountains, painted, and sold art in Scottsdale.  She had a willing smile and could charm most anyone.


She loved to share her stories.  I recently came across some of her art work that someone wanted her to do for a children’s book.  The book never came out, but the art remained to tell a story.  

Pronghorn antelope are arid country denizens.  In Arizona they live in our uplands of the Verde Valley.  As kids we frequently would see deer, but the Pronghorns were something special, a different creature that was comfortable out in the open.   And also blended in with the grass.   This lone pronghorn is keeping watch over his herd.                     

As Long Distance Runners, Pronghorns could outrun most anything in the arid uplands.  Noel was always active, while she never got the running bug, she enjoyed being athletic.  She could completely understand why pronghorns would just be out running:  Because they can.

Babies, always curious.  I see a sniff and a hop coming up, with some dancing play time.  Why not enjoy the wide open spaces.  

Noel gave me the enjoyment of nature.  Enjoy some art, and also get outside.  Noel did. 

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