Upper Verde River Update: A Critical Resource in Danger

The upper Verde River is an economic and ecological powerhouse, but can it survive the threat of the ever-increasing groundwater pumping that is diminishing its baseflow?” – Citizens Water Advocacy Group

Join the Citizens Water Advocacy Group (CWAG) on November 14 from 10 a.m. – noon for an update on the Verde River and its future, to be held on Zoom. CWAG President Gary Beverly will explain the critical importance of the upper Verde River to wildlife and habitat, while exploring the human impacts that threaten the river’s future. Tune in for fact-based updates on a multitude of issues including river baseflow, recreation, and ranches. This will be a colorful Zoom call, including information on the dizzying array of wildlife that make their homes on the Verde, imagery of the Verde River’s incredible beauty, and discussion of the significance of the river to commerce, jobs, and recreation.

CWAG is a local citizens group advocating for a sustainable water future for Prescott and central Yavapai County and for the protection of the upper Verde River. For more information visit www.cwagaz.org, CWAG’s Facebook page, or email info@cwagaz.org.

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