Support the Hardest Working River in Arizona

On Arizona Gives Day!

Tuesday, April 3rd

Who knew that this stream that moves gently through the high desert of Arizona could do so much.

The Verde River is an oasis in the desert that provides habitat for diverse wildlife including several threaten and endangers species. It provides unique recreational opportunities including kayaking, fishing, hiking and swimming for residents and visitors alike. It connects to ancient archeology sites all along its flow, while bolstering our vibrant local economy. The Verde provides water for agricultural crops and nurtures the region’s growing wine industry. In this 50th year of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, the Verde Watershed boast the only two Wild and Scenic Rivers in Arizona, the Lower Verde and Fossil Creek. And lastly, after it flow south, out of the Verde Valley and through the Wild and Scenic it provides drinking water for millions of Phoenix residents.

This modest, hardworking river is threatened in part by those of us that depend on it for so much through habitat degradation and ground water pumping, and from changes in climate and environmental conditions.

Friends of the Verde River works to combat these challenges Friends of the Verde River works to restore habitat, sustain flows and promote community stewardship.


There are three ways to participate in our Arizona Gives Day event.

  1. Make donation. Click HERE to make your online donation.
  2. Set up your own fundraiser for Friends of the Verde River and encourage your friends and family to give and participate. Click HERE to make a donation and set up your own fundraising page for Friends.
  3. Join us at our event headquarters for the AZ Gives Party. Join us on Tuesday, April 3rd from 5-9m at Riot in Old Town Cottonwood.  Enjoy live music, raffles and more. We’ll help you make your online donation.

Let’s join together on Arizona Give Day to honor and support our hardworking Verde River.

AZ Gives is an online giving event so please click the link below to make your donation.

Click HERE to make your online donation.

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