Dimas V. Bejarano

    Dimas V. Bejarano

    Native Arizonan 

    As a young man growing up on a family farm and ranch in my native Arizona, I unknowingly became an advocate for the protection of our global resources and our shared humanity. Our Family share many memories experienced during our time on the Land, eight generations. Shared experiences of our Grandfather and Father building and rebuilding diversion dams on the Gila River and maintaining water wells for irrigation of crops which provided sustenance for the family and domestic animals. Wild game also profited from the work associated with farming providing feed and water during droughts. Protection of the Gila River Water allotment and water wells was critical. Working on the farm cultivating various crops; cotton, corn, alfalfa and lettuce (90% water) introduced me to the importance of water in a desert climate. Water the molecule of life is an ongoing topic of discussion within the Bejarano household and business. 

    “Water is Life” – Lakota Sioux. 

    The cultivation of lettuce introduced me to Senor Cesar Chavez and his work with migrant workers. I witnessed his struggle to improve the human condition firsthand; having worked as a lettuce harvester throughout the American Southwest. My introduction to Cesar resulted in a lifelong dedication and quest to leave this Globe (Biosphere One) better then we found it; protection of our natural resources and production of food ultimately leads to the advancement of humankind.  

     “Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children” – Sitting Bull.

    Professional work and associations led to a career with water at its core. Retirement led to the formation of H2O Solutions LLC. H2O Solutions is a company focusing on the advancement of water technology within industry. We are fortunate to serve a broad industrial base in the area of Water Management and Application

    Personal interests include: golf, fishing, raising and competing quarter horses all of which I do badly.

    Water (H2O), the world’s most abundant substance, not so simple after all, its unique properties continue to amaze me. The opportunities for personal and professional growth H2O provides amaze me. This wonderful compound has now led to Friends of the Verde River, a new adventure with water.

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