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The Verde Land & Water Planning Toolbox is a research and tool development project made possible through funding support from the Nina C. Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust. The project is meant to support efforts across the Verde River watershed to ensure that land use planning decision-making for residential and commercial growth would not be made in a silo separate from discussions regarding water management and long-term availability of supplies.

The Toolbox focuses on management of three categories of land ownership (private land under local government jurisdiction, state trust lands, and federal public lands), recognizing the unique impacts that development and management actions for each land ownership category could have on watershed health for the Verde River. The Toolbox intends to provide a comprehensive overview of tools that are both currently available and within the planning authorities of the entities involved.

While the Verde Land & Water Planning Toolbox is a project of Friends of the Verde River, it is the result of a collaborative effort of multiple partners. An Advisory Committee to the project was convened, and included participants from the following organizations:

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