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Friends restores critical habitat for the diverse flora and fauna of the Verde River and its watershed.

We work to support native wildlife and vegetation, a healthy watershed, and places of stunning beauty.

Flowing through the heart of Arizona, the Verde River and its perennial and intermittent streams support some of the most important riparian and associated upland habitat remaining in the American Southwest.

An amazing diversity of wildlife can be found in the Verde River Watershed – at least 270 species of birds, 94 species of mammals, and 76 species of native amphibians and reptiles use the river’s watershed at some point in their life cycles. Riparian habitat – the lush strip of plant life dependent on reliable water along rivers, in wetlands, etc. – also provides travel corridors for wildlife, as well as critical flyways for migrating birds, and is home to several federal and state-listed threatened and endangered species. Additionally, the watershed’s diverse, native riparian plant life provides invaluable ecosystem services and places of stunning beauty for local communities and visitors alike.

Increasing pressure from drought, recreational use, the invasion of non-native plants and animals, water scarcity, and other stressors threaten the health of this shrinking riparian and wetland habitat. Invasive plant species in riparian areas – including giant reed, tamarisk, Russian olive, and tree of heaven among others – threaten the habitat for our native species, but also impact water flows, recreational opportunities, and property values.

Solutions We Work On

Restoring Habitat - (VWRC) Arizona Conservation Crew 2013

The 2013 Verde Watershed Restoration Coalition (VWRC) Arizona Conservation Crew.

One of our most established and accomplished programs is the Verde Watershed Restoration Coalition (VWRC), a collaborative effort among a diverse group of public and private stakeholders to improve and restore riparian habitat in the Verde River Watershed.

Working with over twenty partners and more than 200 private landowners, VWRC focuses on three core methods to protect the Verde River from the harm caused by invasive plants: 1) outreach to local communities and private landowners; 2) treatment to remove invasive species; and 3) monitoring treated areas to ensure their continued health. Working with the Conservation Corps, crews of military veterans, and countless volunteers, VWRC is a true community collaboration, bringing people together to improve the health of the Verde River system. Recently, VWRC is expanding its work to address other aspects of the river and riparian health.

Restoring Habitat - bald eagle

The Verde and Salt River system supports the largest number of breeding bald eagle pairs in Arizona.



Read about our other efforts that contribute to restoring riparian and watershed habitat, while also Promoting Community Stewardship and Sustaining Flows.

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