• Nancy Steele Executive Director

    Nancy is an executive manager with over twenty-five years of environmental management and research experience, using the tools of science and policy to catalyze change towards a more sustainable future. Read more.

  • Tracy Stephens Program Director

    Tracy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from her years with Wyoming Game and Fish and Arizona Game and Fish. She holds an M.S. in Natural Resources, with a Fisheries emphasis and a B.S. with a double major in Biology. Read more.

  • Isaac Dudley Flows Project Manager

    A Verde Valley local, with a degree in Spanish and Journalism from Northern Arizona University, Isaac is an avid lover of the outdoors. Read more.

  • Melanie Miles
    Melanie Miles Events & Outreach Manager

    Melanie was born and raised along the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania, where she developed a strong love for the environment and wildlife preservation. Read more.

  • Elaine Nichols Restoration Project Manager

    Elaine is the Habitat Restoration Program Coordinator. She coordinates VWRC restoration projects; working with public and private landowners, crews, and volunteers. Read more.

  • Mark Troksa
    Mark Troksa Finance & Operations Director

    Mark Troksa is new to Cottonwood, AZ having recently moved with his wife, Sky, from Western, WI. Mark brings 30 years experience working for a variety of organizations in the areas of Finance, Accounting, Business and Office Management. Read more.

  • Hudson Keffer
    Hudson Keffer Restoration Technician / GIS Specialist

    Hudson is a passionate ecologist and spatial data scientist with experience working in land management, geographic information systems, and environmental research. Read more.

  • Virginia Weiss
    Virginia Weiss Accounting Administrator

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