• Nancy Steele Executive Director

    Nancy is an executive manager with over twenty-five years of environmental management and research experience, using the tools of science and policy to catalyze change towards a more sustainable future. Read more.

  • Tracy Stephens Program Director

    Tracy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from her years with Wyoming Game and Fish and Arizona Game and Fish. She holds an M.S. in Natural Resources, with a Fisheries emphasis and a B.S. with a double major in Biology. Read more.

  • Isaac Dudley Flows Project Manager

    A Verde Valley local, with a degree in Spanish and Journalism from Northern Arizona University, Isaac is an avid lover of the outdoors. Read more.

  • Maya Rappaport
    Maya Rappaport Communications Associate

    Maya Rappaport joins Friends after working as a riparian bird biologist in Maine, New Hampshire, Utah, Colorado, and Montana. Read more.

  • Melanie Miles
    Melanie Miles Events & Outreach Manager

    Melanie was born and raised along the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania, where she developed a strong love for the environment and wildlife preservation. Read more.

  • Elaine Nichols Restoration Project Manager

    Elaine is the Habitat Restoration Program Coordinator. She coordinates VWRC restoration projects; working with public and private landowners, crews, and volunteers. Read more.

  • Kimberly Maxwell
    Kimberly Maxwell Development Director

    Like so many others, Kimberly visited Verde Valley 11 years ago on vacation and decided she had to live here. It was not only the incredible river and the scenic outdoors that called to her, but the friendliness of the community as well. Read more.

  • Mark Troksa
    Mark Troksa Finance & Operations Director

    Mark Troksa is new to Cottonwood, AZ having recently moved with his wife, Sky, from Western, WI. Mark brings 30 years experience working for a variety of organizations in the areas of Finance, Accounting, Business and Office Management. Read more.

  • Hudson Keffer
    Hudson Keffer Restoration Technician / GIS Specialist

    Hudson is a passionate ecologist and spatial data scientist with experience working in land management, geographic information systems, and environmental research. Read more.

  • Virginia Weiss
    Virginia Weiss Accounting Administrator

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