Floating with our Friends on the Salt River

Laura Jones, Community Engagement Coordinator, Fennel Blyth, Native Seed Coop Coordinator and Amanda Webster, VISTA Volunteer got on the road early Saturday morning to meet up with 150 women for the 3rd Annual Ladies River Take Over on the Salt River. It was the first time for these avid Verde River paddlers to brave the Salt […]

Fossil Creek Blackberry Treatment

Last week, our vegetation monitoring crew, in partnership with the National Forest Service, was able to hike into Fossil Creek and take the first step in treating the Himalayan Blackberry infestation near the spring source. The blackberry is very invasive and reduces native plant populations. The crew was sent to cut the blackberry as a […]

Restoring the Verde River: A story about second chances – Part 3

JAMIE NIELSEN December 12, 2017 New conservation challenges, new take on restoration The Verde River continues to flow through the valley today, over land and underground, supporting agriculture, wildlife, forests and economies. It winds through Arizona’s transition zone between desert and plateau, making this one of the most biologically diverse areas in the American Southwest. […]

AZ Gives Day – A Message from Nancy Steele

Over 30 years ago, after I packed up all my possessions, and moved from Phoenix to Los Angeles, my mother sent me a flyer for a property in Camp Verde with a note that said “you should buy this place.” I surely thought she’d lost her mind. While the property looked appealing, I couldn’t imagine […]

Restoring the Verde River: A story about second chances – Part 2

JAMIE NIELSEN December 12, 2017 The Verde River: Heart and soul of the Verde Valley A ribbon of cottonwood, willow and sycamore trees delineate the river and its tributaries, winding through the semi-arid landscape of the Verde Valley. Ash, walnut, soapberry, hackberry, alder and many other trees flourish here too. Bright yellow-gold cottonwood leaves and […]

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