2017 – Verde Watershed Ambassador Program, Oak Creek Watershed Council

The Verde Watershed Ambassador Program demonstrates a broad approach of Best Management Practices for watershed visitors, residents and property owners to help them understand how to reduce E. coli loads from entering into Oak Creek due to irresponsible recreation practices and day-to-day activities that contribute to nonpoint source pollution. In 2014, the Ambassadors picked up 3,736 pounds of trash, 2,041 pounds of recyclables, 260 pounds of feces, and 69 diapers with four Ambassadors working the four-month season. Since June 2015, the Ambassadors picked up 4,165 pounds of trash, 1,099 pounds of glass, 2,589 pounds of recyclables, 1,367 pounds of feces and 475 diapers in Oak Creek alone – with only two Ambassadors working since October 2015. $3992 was awarded in January 2017.

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