2021 – Mountain View Prep Bike Skills Course

This project is designed to maximize all the potential that this site has to offer. Utilizing the large mound of excavated dirt from when the school was originally built and integrating with land on the mound’s backside to the campus property line, the bike skills park will offer a continuous vertical flow from its highest to lowest points. Approximately 1 mile of natural surface trail along with skill progression features will be constructed and optimized for users in the 8th grade and below.

Erosion and sedimentation reduction, as well as water quality protection will be achieved through project actions. The Project will construct drainage to prevent downstream impacts. Soil productivity will be protected through trail stabilization and work to properly drain water from trail surfaces, reducing surface erosion, and protecting plant and wildlife communities. By constructing a sustainable bike skills park on approximately 6 acres of vacant on-campus property that was altered with a large excavation mound created when the school was built approximately 30 years ago, the tangible Project conservation outcomes include reduction in active erosion and sediments flowing into the Verde River as well as reduced impacts to cultural resources and biodiversity.

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