2020 – Blowout Wash Trail Construction

From the top of Mingus Mountain to Sedona , Az. The Blowout Wash Trail System is a collaborative project to create commuter and recreational trails. Pink ribbons mark the new section of trail that goes from the Cottonwood Air port through Old Town Cottonwood and along the Verde River. $5000 was awarded to the City of Cottonwood to aid in the construction of the trail system.

Large portions of trail have already been established near Yavapai College. Walkers commonly use the trail as a quick nature loop or as a full day hike. The hope for the trail, is to offer a recreation trail that will connect Cottonwood to Sedona.

This project and 17 others have been funded by local businesses that participate in Friends of the Verde River’s programs.

The Blowout Trail is one of two projects funded in 2020 by these businesses.

We thank our business partners big and small for their support of these important projects.

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