The Verde Watershed Restoration Coalition (VWRC) is our local watershed partnership – representing both private and public land interests – working collaboratively to improve the health of the Verde Watershed. It was born from the mutual desire of these diverse organizations and individuals to address the impact and spread of invasive plants in the watershed, an issue that requires a holistic, watershed-level approach with everyone’s participation. The partnership is looking beyond the weeds and has added a number of priorities to our scope of work. Come join us!

From its headwaters near Paulden to its confluence with the Salt River outside Phoenix, the Verde River passes through Pinyon Juniper, Cottonwood/Willow Gallery and Mixed-Broadleaf Riparian Forest as it winds down to the Sonoran Desert, in the heart of Arizona. Click here to view the Oasis in the Desert Story Map and read about the collaborative efforts to keep this unique ecosystem healthy for generations to come.

VWRC currently has ten different working groups focusing on different aspects of watershed outreach, education, and monitoring. To learn more about the efforts of each group, click on the buttons below!

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