Where to buy native plants

Native Plants Photo by Kate Watters

Plant locally adapted native plants to your region

Verde River Growers (container plants)

Flagstaff Native Plant & Seed (container plants & seeds for CO Plateau)

Desert Survivors (Tucson) (great selection of native container plants – get frost tolerant species for Verde Valley gardens)

Borderlands Restoration (Patagonia, AZ) (container plants)

Plants of the Southwest (Santa Fe) (mail order seeds)

Pollinator Garden Plant List

Monarch Larvae Photo by Kate Watters

Milkweeds provide food and habitat throughout the Monarch butterfly life cycle

In general, any blooming plant provides forage. Plants in the aster (sunflower) family are great for many species of pollinators. It is better if you plant species that bloom in spring, early summer, and fall to supplement season-long forage needs for pollinators, especially if you have a lot blooming in your area in the summer after monsoon rains.

Plants for Enhancing Pollinator Habitat in AZ

Desert Pollinator Planting Guide

Colorado Plateau Pollinator Planting Guide

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