The Verde Front is a regional collaborative initiative fostering proactive dialogue, coordination and collective action on stewardship of natural and cultural resources. It is a landscape-scale “all hands, all lands” approach to addressing community outdoor recreation challenges and enhancing the joint capacity of land managers, communities and recreationists to implement well-managed recreation, education, and restoration projects that sustainably connect people to the land.

The geographic scope of the Verde Front is the Verde River, its tributaries and surrounding Verde Valley uplands from Sycamore Canyon downstream to Beasley Flat, the gateway to the Wild and Scenic Verde River. Headed up by local elected officials and land management agency leaders, the Verde Front is working to develop a long-term and comprehensive approach to recreation that will link communities throughout the Verde Valley, including Camp Verde, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Jerome, Sedona, and Yavapai County, along with the Yavapai Apache Nation. The Verde Front is also working on a regional sustainable recreation plan, and a river and trails commission that will maintain stakeholder support and coordination.

The Verde Front conducts its work through active “working groups” of stakeholders that are interested in tackling particular issues or recreational and resource protection needs. Currently, there are working groups focused on river recreation, trails, watchable wildlife, economic development and geotourism, volunteerism and youth engagement. Specialized working groups have been convened as well to address specific issues or challenges, such as the Fossil Creek working group, and a newly convened working group that plans to deal with issues around recreational shooting. The Verde Front welcomes all civic groups, nonprofits, elected and business leaders, and interested citizens to join in working group sessions, contribute to the dialogue, and support recreational planning efforts.

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