The Verde Valley Is Important for Birds and Birders

The Verde River, lifeblood of Central Arizona, is one of the last rivers in the Southwest that flow year-round. Along its course, it journeys through majestic red rock and basalt canyons, supporting one of the country’s rarest habitats: the cottonwood/willow gallery forest.

The middle stretch of the Verde River courses through the well-watered and aptly named Verde Valley – Verde means green in Spanish. The Verde Valley is unique since many of the tributaries that begin in higher terrain emerge in the valley as perennial streams flowing through the communities of Clarkdale, Cottonwood, Sedona, Cornville, Lake Montezuma, and Camp Verde.

The Verde Valley’s waterways connect diverse life zones from 3,000’-6,000′ including pine-fir forests, oak woodlands, pinyon-juniper forests, Sonoran desert scrub, and riparian. The Verde River’s vast watershed is habitat for one of the largest concentrations of resident and migratory birdlife anywhere in the Southwest.

Birding Trail Map

The Verde River Watershed in Central Arizona, and in particular the Verde River Valley, is a hot destination for birdwatching and outdoor recreation.

This birding trail map highlights some of the best and most accessible birding spots associated with the Verde River Valley. Visit the Interactive Story Map for more details on each location.  Click Here!

Verde River Valley Birding Map

All Time Bird List

Learn about birds in the Verde Valley and surrounding areas of Northern Arizona.

The list below provides links for each bird seen at the VVBNF over the last 10 years. The link takes you to the Cornell Institute of Ornithology web site called “All about Birds“. This website provides detailed scientific information about thousands of birds from all around the world.

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