Mile 98 to Mile 90.5
Bull Run to Above Childs
Mile by Mile Guide


Mile 96.5 Gap Creek River Access. Nasty carry up the hill.


Mile 96.25(?) Bushman Rapid. Cliff wall on left, trees on right: stay away from both. Sharp right turn with big reversals and holes below.

Mile 95.5 Black Hole Rapid. Black ledge with 3-foot drop and hole at bottom of rapid. Run far left. At high water a left channel avoids this drop.



Mile 94.75 White Flash Rapid. River sweeps over a ledge of white rock. Keep right. Great surfing hole!

Mile 93 Coldwater Creek on right. River splits and there are beautiful big waves in the left channel and below. Wheeeee!



Many camps and little rapids in this area



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