Mile 104 to Mile 97
Beasley Flat to Punk Rock
Mile by Mile Guide

Mile 104.5 Beasley Flat Recreation Area. Excellent put in or take out with toilets and changing rooms and concrete boat ramp. Please don't park on the ramp! Proper safety equipment and boating skills are required below this point.

Mile 103 Off The Wall Rapid. Enter on the right and stay left, away from the wall. Hole at bottom at high water. Two more holes below.


Mile 102 Pre-Falls and Verde Falls. Scout from the left bank. Pre-Falls is a 4-foot ledge drop. It's possible to cheat by taking the channels on the far right. Verde Falls is an 8-foot ledge drop with large rocks below. Above 3000 cfs the rocks are covered. Easy portage on left bank.

Mile 102 to 100 is a protected bald eagle nesting area. Closed 12/1 to 6/15. Please do not stop.



Mile 99.5 Palisade Rapid 3-foot drop near cliff wall. Nasty at low water. Enter on the right and move left





Mile 98 Bull Run Rapid 2-foot rocky drop at low water. There are holes below the drop at high water. Great hiking and surfing.



Mile 97.5 Punk Rock Strong current into Punk Rock. Big hole at high water. Enter on left and move left. This is a great lunch stop.




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